Our inclusive gym class is designed to engage every athlete physically and mentally. Each class is set in an obstacle course format. This provides us optimum opportunity to instruct 1:1 while the whole group stays engaged. Upon entering the gym, the athletes begin their first course right away. As they go through the course, every obstacle or piece of equipment is adapted to meet individual needs if necessary. After 15 minutes the class takes a water break before beginning the next course. This pattern continues for the length of the class. In addition, we may play a sport such as volleyball, kickball or corn hole instead of a final obstacle course. We always end class with a cool down stretch. The routine remains the same for each class, however, new equipment and activities may be introduced throughout the ten-week session.

The RCIG Coaches want to challenge the athletes weekly in order to help facilitate coordination, strength, endurance, communication, and social skills. Each River City Inclusive Gym class is challenging, and adaptations are made on the spot in order to meet the needs of the athlete.

  • Each class runs for 60 minutes 1x / week

  • Each session is typically 10 weeks

  • Each 10 week session costs $238.05*

*$238.05 credit card price. $230 Cash/Check/PayPal/Venmo price.


River City Inclusive Gym would love to host your group or class for a field trip!


We can safely accommodate groups of up to 12 students. This number does not include teachers, aides, or support staff that attend with the group. A typical field trip follows the same format as our inclusive classes, with about an hour of in the gym activities. The field trip cost is $150.


If you are an existing RCIG athlete, or have been in the past 6 months, we would love to host your birthday party!


During birthday parties we make sure to do the super fun things in the gym like the tumble track and the ball pit. The cost for Birthday Parties is $250, which includes 1 hour of activities in the gym and 45 minutes in the party area celebrating your athlete! A total of 12 individuals (8 of whom we can provide with 1:assistance) can be involved in the party, that is your athlete and 11 guests, with the option to add more if requested. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


If you are an existing RCIG athlete, or have been in the past 6 months, we would love to help you celebrate your special event!


Looking to celebrate a milestone, such as a graduation? Or have a group of friends looking to enjoy a special experience together? Come to RCIG to celebrate with your group for a fun time that everyone will enjoy! Events are structured similar to Field Trips with the option of adding additional party time outside of the gym (like our birthday parties).


There are over 17,000 school age individuals, and even more adults, with disabilities in the Greater Richmond area. We’re All In to reach as many people as possible, but we need your help.