Each new athlete is offered one free trial class to make sure both you and the athlete understand the class by experiencing it before any financial commitment is made! Please contact Coach Mike at to schedule your free trial class. We will work with you and your schedule to find the best fit.


Session Cost

$16500/ 8 week session


If you are a current RCIG athlete or have been one in the last 24 months, simply contact Coach Mike at or (804) 239-0695 to check on class availability.


  • Each session is typically 8 weeks. Don’t worry if you checked the schedule and we are in the middle of a session, we prorate the cost. So, if we have space in the class that best suits your athlete, you can join in mid-session at a reduced price.

  • The cost per session is $165.00

  • You can register for any session at any time, but classes fill up fast! So, if you have a specific day and time you need, sign up early. You can also pay for more than one 8 week session at a time.

  • Current participants have first rights to re-register for the next 8 week session, as long as registration for that next session occurs within the first 5 weeks of the current session.

* At this time we do not have online registration, but we plan on expanding to utilize online registration in the future! *


  • Scholarships cover the cost of an entire session ($165), and any athlete is eligible to receive one full scholarship per year, no questions asked.

    We are able to offer a max of 2 scholarships per session (for a total of 12 scholarships in 2021). To receive a scholarship, simply contact Mike McGrath one month before the session of interest, and request a scholarship for your athlete. If a scholarship is available, and a spot for your athlete is open in your desired class, you will be awarded the scholarship!

  • If an athlete takes multiple classes during a session, a 10% discount is applied to the total session cost. Additionally, there is a 10% discount if you have multiple athletes in your family sign up!


There are over 17,000 school age individuals, and even more adults, with disabilities in the Greater Richmond area. We’re All In to reach as many people as possible, but we need your help.