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LOCATION: 48 Plaza Drive
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Our Classes

Our inclusive gymnastics class is designed to engage each child physically and mentally. Each class is set in obstacle course format and after a short warm-up that includes relay exercises and stretching, the children will start on their first course. As the children go through the course, obstacles can be adapted to specific needs. After 10 to 15 minutes the class takes a water break before beginning the next course. This pattern continues for the length of the class. Although the routine is the same from week to week the courses are different, but some of the obstacles may be the same.

Coach Fletcher and Coach Mike want to challenge the kids weekly in order to help facilitate coordination, strength, endurance, communication, and social skills. Each River City Inclusive Gymnastics (RCIG) Class is challenging and adaptations are made on the spot in order to meet the needs of the gymnasts.

Details : Each class runs for 60 minutes 1x/week over 8 weeks and the cost is $145.

See the Schedule Page to find a class time that’s right for you